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In the Dance Cafe' is a beacon of hope in the City of Milwaukee, providing essential services to children, youth and adults throughout the city and Midwest region. According to recent studies, children who grow up in poverty disproportionately experience a number of barriers, including poor health, exposure to environmental toxins, violence, lower academic success, and a myriad of other hardships. Children in Milwaukee are two-and-a-half times more likely to be living in poverty than children in Wisconsin as a whole (census 2010).


It is the mission of Janie Boston to introduce children and families to different forms of art as foundations of therapeutic story creations; inevitably becoming the fundamental roots for their own inner personal healing, growth and development. In The Dance Cafe assist children, youth and adults in creating stories through dance that redirects voids created through adversity, pain and neglect. The expansion plan includes a performance arts dance studios with the ability for conversion into a public performing arts theater. This will be a model  for community revitalization, reconciliation and rebirth.



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