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A Word For You

Prayer is the communication line between Jesus (God) & Man. Without Prayer, There Is No Communication. The Bible talks about how Jesus sits at the right side of God making Intercession (praying) on our behalf. Then it goes on to say, no man can enter into heaven except through the son of God. (Jesus) So it’s established that without prayer you forfeit your access to heaven. This year 2022 has placed a strong demand for prayer, and people are comfortable because they may not be the ones experiencing any form of negativity but the Bible says “EVERY KNEE SHALL BOW & EVERY TONGUE WILL CONFESS” that means even in your highest of highs you will one way or another communicate with the Father! 


Father God, I come humbly asking for your forgiveness on behalf of your children, And we agree that we repent for not communicating and trusting your word & believing what you said was true. Father, I ask that you consume the hearts and minds of the people causing intimacy to be activated spiritually, I decree & declare that through the intimacy that passion & Creativity will be released and manifest itself through people's lives, choices, actions, and all decision making. I thank you Lord for meeting all of our needs and helping us through this time transition in our lives! We honor, adore, appreciate, love & Praise Your Holy Name, in Jesus' Name Amen. 


   - Dylan Gill

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